The right team

Founded by world-class thoracic surgeons and clinician-scientists, guided by a serial entrepreneur in portable machine perfusion, Tevosol has assembled an engineering and design team of vision and talent, supported by a circle of advisors and partners with resources and experience to spare, for speed-to-market with force multiplication.


Executive and Clinical Leadership


Ron Mills

  • 20 years in organ transplantation

  • Launched LifePort Kidney Transporter

  • Former EY, Publicis, Syneos, Interpublic

  • Biopharma strategy and venture creation



Darren Freed, MD, PhD, FRCSC
Founder & CSO

  • Inventor, maker, and clinician-scientist

  • Machine perfusion thought leader

  • Pediatric thoracic surgery practice leader



Jayan Nagendran, MD, PhD, FRCSC
Founder & VP Clinical Investigation

  • Cardiac surgeon and clinician-scientist

  • Sole Canadian investigator INSPIRE trial

  • EVLP pioneer and practice leader



business team


David Moon, JD, MBA, LLB
VP Strategy & Business Development

Walter Maciurzynski, MA (Econ), MBA
Interim CFO

Shahroze Khan
Director of Business Operations

Vennila Vengadessin
Quality Management lead

Margaret Martin
accounting & Office Administrator


product team


Katie Cameron, MSc, PEng
Biomedical Engineer
Product Development Lead

Steven Cruz Antunes, PENG
Mechanical Engineer

Tomas Diaz
Software Programmer

Rafael Castro, MSC, PENG
Software Programmer