"Ex-Vivo Organ Support System — EVOSS™"

Tevosol has a working prototype of the EVOSS™ which has been used to demonstrate pre-clinical proof of concept using large-animal organs. A portable clinical version of the EVOSS™ is now being developed which will be taken through clinical trials and regulatory approvals with an initial focus on lung transplants.

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Revolutionising Transplant Technology

While there are several companies developing potential competing devices for organ perfusion, EVOSS™ is the only device that meets all user requirements for resuscitation, transport, assessment, and extended preservation of organs. EVOSS™ has proven that perfusion and assessment of the heart outside of the body can be used to distinguish between good and bad donor hearts.

Our EVOSS™ technology and device design is superior, which we expect will provide superior clinical outcomes. The specifics of our technological advantages is highly complex, and varies depending upon the organ and the specific competitor. It is important to note that the standard of organ transplantation care is cold static storage. Each competitor has some of these features but only EVOSS™ has all:

  • Portability

  • Normothermic perfusion

  • Negative pressure ventilation (for lungs)

  • Dual pump configuration to mimic the in-vivo conditions of the cardiovascular system

  • Ability to maintain organs in a full working mode (vs. just being oxygenated) which means organs can be assessed for viability